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Beautiful Flowers Available at Goebel Hill Farm for your Memorial Day Weekend Plans

Thank you for all of your continued support!  We are in the middle of our ranunculus season here at our farm in Granite Falls and continue to have them available this week.  These gorgeous flowers are beloved for their brilliantly colored double-ruffled petals, tall stems, and long vase life. Our ranunculus stems are between 14″ and 16″ tall and there are ten ranunculus stems included in each bunch.

We are spacing out flower purchase pickups for safety to keep COVID 19 away from our community.  We are scheduling one visitor at a time to our historic farm using an app you can find on our website under the farm shop. We do not have a means for electronic payment at the farm yet, so please use the online Paypal option if you prefer to pay with a credit card. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly if we can help you with anything and thank you for buying locally and supporting Washington’s independent flower farmers. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Local Flowers Make Life Better

We have lift off at Goebel Hill Farm! The dahlias have begun to emerge from the earth and we are on our way to having loads of beautiful flowers this summer. I’ve been using this helpful soil temperature chart authored by Washington State University to try to gauge the arrival of this moment because I left most of my tubers in the ground last fall.

In a normal year, I dig up and store every last one of my dahlia tubers for the next season, but last fall wasn’t a normal year for us around here and things still aren’t normal, are they? We adapt. I dug what I could manage at the time, left the rest in the ground, mulched the rows with chopped up leaves and said a little prayer. We have super drainage, I mean no standing water ever type drainage, so I knew that would help. I became impatient a week or two ago and dug up a few dahlias only to find them sprouting way down there 6 to 8 inches under the ground. I bury my tubers deep so they don’t tumble over in the rain later in the summer when they are heavy with foliage and flowers.

Dahlias sprouting at Goebel Hill Farm

The experts say that the soil temperature should be 60 degrees before you plant dahlia tubers. So either the experts are wrong or this soil temp chart is, Granite Falls per se isn’t even on the chart, but who cares? They made it through the winter and so will we! We are off and running towards another wonderful growing season at Goebel Hill Farm.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner we are offering a limited number of “Flower Subscription Shares” with two options; beginning either in May, as soon as the ranunculus and peonies start to bloom, or August when the dahlias are in full swing.  Each subscription is for a total of four hand tied bouquets to be picked up at our farm every three weeks at a prearranged day and time with Covid 19 safety always in mind.  Each “Flower Subscription Share” package includes a beautiful, hand quilled card created by my sister Brooke!  The card is blank inside and each one is a frame worthy piece of art; you will find them in our online shop.  Order early, subscriptions are limited.

Happy May Day!





Seasonal DIY Flowers from Goebel Hill Farm

Dahlia Bouquet at Goebel Hill Farm

Do It Yourself (DIY) flowers can be as simple or complicated as you make it.  All you really need are beautiful, fresh flowers and some inspiration!  With a little planning, you can easily enjoy gorgeous, seasonal flowers on your special day without a big outlay of cash and have a lot of fun in the process!

We have about 300 dahlias growing at Goebel Hill Farm this summer.  The flowers are starting to bloom and will be available in quantity towards the end of July and lasting through our first frost.  Dahlia blooms are classy, bold and beautiful.  Seven to ten dahlia stems alone can easily fill up an average size vase or quart Mason jar. All you need is a little plan.

An excellent tool for turning your flower dreams into reality comes from Georgie Newbery of Common Flower Farm.  She is an independent farmer and florist living in the UK.  One of her books “Grow Your Own Wedding Flowers” has tips and a sample planning spreadsheet that can take away the guesswork and get you on the road to beautiful flowers without breaking the flower budget.  If you don’t have time to grow your own don’t fret, we can help you out.

Once you know your desired color palette and have an idea of the height and width of the arrangement or bouquet you have in mind, you are ready to go.  Pinterest is a wonderful resource!

Deconstructed Bouquet

The Materials

Here’s is an example.

If you are expecting 80 guests at your wedding or event and your guests will be seated eight to a table,  you will need 10 table arrangements.

Number of each flower per arrangement:

  • 10 Dahlias x 10 arrangements = 100 Dahlias 
  • 2 Dusty Miller stems x 10 arrangements = 20 stems 
  • 2 White Frills Sweet Pea stems = 20 stems

The number of stems you need in this very simple bouquet would be 14 stems or 140 total for ten arrangements.  Done!

Goebel Hill Farm Dahlias

DIY Dahlia and Dusty Miller Bouquet from Goebel Hill Farm

Do the same for bridesmaids’ bouquets, corsages, bride’s bouquet, boutineers, etc. and you’ll have a system that will turn your flower dreams into an affordable plan. We would love to help you out so click here to learn how to get your flower fix from Goebel Hill Farm this summer and thank your for your interest in our farm.