Mysterious Cows Pies at Goebel Hill Farm

On our way to pick dahlias in the garden the other day we noticed cow pies near the corn… and over in the Christmas trees… and down by the pond! They were everywhere!  We have chickens on our farm, but no cows.  So my husband set up the trail camera down by the old Gravenstein apple tree. It seemed like a good place to catch a glimpse of the cow pie culprits.  Here’s what we found:

Goebel Hill Farm borders the Macomber’s centennial farm on the Burn Road in Granite Falls where they raise beautiful cows.  My husband and I enjoy going to their farm to buy hormone and antibiotic free, grass fed beef.  We know that these cows live a peaceful and healthy existence in a huge green pasture because we see them out in the fields every day.
The two cows in the video waited until dusk and then broke from the rest of the herd to snag a couple apples up the hill at our place.  They traveled across a seasonal creek that runs between the two farms, through a ravine, up a steep hill and then followed our long driveway to get to the apple trees.  Apparently, that’s not a problem for a determined cow!   We saw the same two cows around dusk several days in a row until the Macomber’s were able to get the fence fixed!
Stairs to Pumphouse

We use these stairs to get up the same hill the cows are taking. It’s steep. They are amazing!

We also caught this little guy enjoying the apples.  There are lots of coyotes out here at the edge of town.  We hear them singing in the woods, they really get going when they hear a siren from town.  When we’re lucky, we catch a quick glimpse of these seemingly lonesome little guys on the trail cam as they pass through our farm.

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