Beautiful October Pumpkins and Dahlias

As soon as we had our first frost earlier this month, I started picking pumpkins and digging dahlias.  I store the pumpkins in our house and barn and feed them to the chickens over the winter.  I save the dahlia tubers to share with others and to start next spring’s garden.

My whole life I have been a practical gardener; growing vegetables, herbs and fruit to eat in great abundance.  I dabbled in flowers, but nothing serious until my dad gave me some dahlia tubers gifted to him by the generous Sherry of Sherry’s Fresh Bouquets in Wenatchee, Washington.   Now I grow flowers!!!  Nothing floats my boat more than flowers these days. I grow hundreds of flowers. If you need beautiful, seasonal, flowers for your local event be sure to contact us at Goebel Hill Farm.  I’d love to talk gardening with you!  🙂


Happy Halloween everybody!

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