Let the Holiday Season Begin with Beautiful Rose Hips!

Goebel HIll Farm

We are pleased to be able to offer fresh cut, thornless red and orange rose hips for your seasonal wedding and holiday plans this year.  Planting anything takes patience and this project has been a few years in the making, but the payback in stress relief while hanging out in the rose bushes has been a lifesaver this year!

A little snag in the plan has been our irrigation lines and the local coyotes! We do everything we can to co-exist peacefully with the coyotes.  We like them.  With the million or so voles and rabbits marching around our farm, we would be in serious trouble without our local coyotes, owls, and hawks keeping things under control.

Goebel HIll Farm DogOur two Border Collie/Shepard mix dogs roam the place during the day, but at night the coyotes are in charge.  We know because our dogs and the coyotes exchange wild, bone chilling, yodeling every once in awhile just to let the other one know they are there. Lately, the coyotes have been coming by to snack on the apples out in the old orchard at night and my dog stands on the porch and barks at them to keep them on their toes.  Check out this video where we caught the coyotes taking out their frustrations on 125 feet of drip irrigation I set up on the roses.



They shredded it.  The good thing is that it is fall and the rose hips are already ripe and ready!  We have fresh, beautiful, long lasting rose hips just in time for holiday decorating, Christmas wreaths, fireplace mantles and seasonal displays.

Tiny Orange Rose Hips

There are two ways to order; by mail through our Etsy Shop or for local pick up at our farm.  Shoot us an email or use the form below to order beautiful rose hips for pickup at the farm or to reserve with us if you need large amounts for your wedding or event date.

We hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday season!

1 comment on “Let the Holiday Season Begin with Beautiful Rose Hips!”

  1. Mary O'Brien Reply

    Hooray for ROSE HIPS!! Thank you for your patience and skill at planting these lovely plants. May this season bring you JOY and prosperity …

    So happy to see these pix.

    Mary O’B

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