Goebel Hill Farm Flower Season 2019

Carmen Fiesta

Carmen Fiesta at Goebel Hill Farm

We are stocking the farm stand on Goebel Hill Road most weekends this spring with seasonal flowers as soon as they are available in our field.  Follow us on Facebook for updates.  We are gearing up for loads of Sweet Peas in July and Dahlias starting in August and lasting until frost.  If you would like to reserve flowers for your special event please contact us soon!   Click here for information on rose hip wreaths and Christmas wreath making here at the farm this fall.

3 comments on “Goebel Hill Farm Flower Season 2019”

  1. Lynda Reply

    These are beautiful flower bouquets. Thanks for the tour of your beautiful place. Lynda, Mike, Paige and Christian Liukko

    • Heather Reply

      Thank you! Bear thoroughly enjoyed the attention. Stop by again soon.

    • Mary O'Brien Reply

      These dahlias are simply smashing!! Thanks for a taste of things to come… Enjoy planting and tending to your lovely farm.

      Hope to see you sometime this summer! Take care…Mary <

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