The Joint is Jumping…at Goebel Hill Farm

It’s been a hopeful, lovely start to spring here in the Pacific Northwest. Nothing makes my heart sing more than seeing the tiny green leaves emerging on all of the deciduous trees turning the view out the window into a Monet painting.  Our early daffodils are beginning to bloom and the beautiful, shiny black pussy willow trees ( Salix gracilistyle “Melanostachya”) we planted over 20 years ago are at their peak right now.

There has been a change in the wildlife action around the place, too.  The birds are trilling and woodpeckers tapping as loud as they can on anything that makes noise and a few Starlings have been having a heated debate as they scope out holes in our old Alder trees.  And don’t get me started on the rabbits.  We caught this silly dance on the trail cam last month:

We expect to have some specialty Narcissus available by April.  Another goal is to offer Big Love and Apricot Parrot Tulips alongside our Rannunculus this year.  Having these bloom at the same time is the plan, but the weather decides if I will be able achieve this goal!  Our Coral Charm peonies begin blooming in May running through June.  If you are local and in need of unique, beautiful fresh flowers give us a ring and follow us here or on Instagram for the latest! 

Happy Spring!



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