Treat Yourself to a Peony Bouquet

Our big, bold Coral Charm and Coral Sunset peonies are just starting to bloom.  We’re offering 5 huge peonies for $17.99 plus sales tax. Each one opens as big as your hand!  Contact us to reserve yours and schedule a convenient pick up date and time at our farm.    Our peonies are available from late May into June.   Scroll down to see our blush, creamy white, and pretty pink peony options.  All dates are approximate based on previous year’s bloom time. Peonies will last about a week in the vase depending on the conditions. 

Shirley Temple Peony  This perfect peony starts with a blush of baby pink and becomes ivory white after a few days. Mid-sized flowers make it well suited for bouquets with other flowers. Slightly fragrant.  Available the last week of May and the first week of June until sold out.

Brooke’s Peony Beautiful soft, vintage dusty pink.   Easy to blend with other flowers in a bouquet. Single to semi double flowers. 

Red Peony Variety of double flowered fuchsia reds available the first and second week of June .

Dr. F. G. Brethour   White double-flowered peony that blooms in the shape of a rose. The perfectly round buds open up to lush, white flowers sometimes with a slight blush of pink depending on how cold the weather is. This peony has many side buds that continue to open.  Available the third and forth week of June.

Sarah Bernhardt Peony Huge, classic double flowers in fresh pastel pink.  Available the third week of June.

Auten’s Pride Peony   Full double; opens pastel pink with delicate lavender highlights, fading into blush to white.  Light fragrance.  This is our latest blooming peony available the third and fourth week of June. Great for weddings.


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