Current Flower Availablity

Our beautiful, seasonal rose hips are ready.   If you’d like to purchase rose hips for your home or an event please use the contact form below and we can make arrangements for pickup. 

Be sure to give us some lead time to fulfill your request our flowers are really fresh!

Thank you for your interest and contact us anytime with questions.  


General Flower Availability

  • Pussy willows (Pink, Grey, Black), Curly willow   – January, February
  • Lily of the Valley – Mid May
  • Peony  –  Late May, June
  • Anemone – Mid April, May
  • Ranunculus – May 
  • Sweet Peas – July
  • Dahlias – August, September until frost
  • Rose Hips and Christmas Wreaths –  September, October, November, December                                           

The specified time frames are dependent on the weather.   Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for current information or better yet, buy a flower share in our store to guarantee your flowers when they are ready!


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