Here at Goebel Hill Farm we grow dahlias, peonies and roseships for florists, brides and our Etsy shop. Follow us for the latest availablity.

40th Annual Sarvey Wildlife Care Center Virtual Auction

This beautiful Barred Owl has been hanging around the farm this fall.  We love the wildlife found here at Goebel Hill Farm and do everything we can to support it.  We have replanted thousands of trees and hundreds of native plants and we wholeheartedly support our Granite Falls neighbor the Sarvey Wildlife Care Center.

October brings Sarvey’s 40th annual fundraising auction and to help out the animals, we have donated a collection of our prized dahlia tubers that will be mailed to the auction winner just in time for spring planting. It’s a win win!  You can support a fabulous cause and grow your own beautiful flowers!

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Erin’s DIY Wedding Flowers at Goebel Hill Farm

Back in early March, Erin and Chris stopped by our farm in Granite Falls, Washington during a huge rainstorm.  They live out of state and when Covid made them rethink their large, traditional wedding plans they pivoted to a small, destination wedding and were in town scouting out resources.

The weather was so cold and dreary at the time I’m sure it was hard for them to visualize a field full of flowers as we huddled in the barn talking.  I attempted to show them a few tiny photos on my phone, when Erin took a leap of faith and made a plan to come back with her family in late July to pick flowers for their ceremony.

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Treat Yourself to a Peony Bouquet

Our big, bold Coral Charm and Coral Sunset peonies are just starting to bloom.  We’re offering 5 huge peonies for $17.99 plus sales tax. Each one opens as big as your hand!  Contact us to reserve yours and schedule a convenient pick up date and time at our farm.    Our peonies are available from late May into June.   Scroll down to see our blush, creamy white, and pretty pink peony options.  All dates are approximate based on previous year’s bloom time. Peonies will last about a week in the vase depending on the conditions. 

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