At Goebel Hill Farm you will find the romance and authentic country chic you've been looking for. We grow dahlias for weddings and events and our beautiful farm is available to private parties for celebrations and gatherings.

Save Time for Sweet Peas!

These are Spencer Sweet Peas. I start sweet pea seeds in January for a strong show of gorgeous flowers from late June through July.  Sweet Peas are needy.  Time, space, support, a lot of  water and nutrients (this is where our chickens come in handy 😊).

Sweet Peas need to be picked often or they will flower, decide they have done their job, then go to seed on you!  I pick ours every two days and change out the flowers at our farm table on Goebel Hill Road accordingly.  I pick Sweet Peas into water with flower food (water with a little sugar helps, too) because they last a few days longer that way when kept in a cool house.  Please feel free to take the jar with you.  If you don’t need it, return it next time and we will wash and reuse it.

Our Harry, Joyce Stanton, Betty Maiden

These delicate Sweet Peas smell like heaven and have such romantic names they have captured my attention my whole life.  They appear to be THE flower of England.  There are Sweet Pea shows and competitions over there, kind of like what we Americans do with dahlias!

Sweet Peas at Goebel Hill Farm

Molly Rilston, Dynasty, Gwendoline

Awhile ago several family members and I sprang for one of those popular DNA tests.  I was surprised to find that I’m predominantly British and Irish;  so this explains my commitment to Sweet Peas! LOL!

I buy my Spencer Sweet Pea seed from the UK at either Owl’s Acres or King’s Seed.  Recently Floret Flowers up in the Skagit Valley started offering Spencer Sweet Peas seed for sale, too; buying local is always good.  You can also save your own seed with a little planning ahead.  We will have Sweet Peas for a few more weeks, so be sure to stop by the stand on Goebel Hill Road for a bouquet to enjoy this summer.

2020 flower and wedding season at Goebel Hill Farm, Granite Falls

Goebel Hill Farm

Goebel Hill Farm

If you would like to reserve large quantities of flowers for your special event please check out the details at this link and contact us soon!  Additionally, we would love to host your summer wedding here at the farm right next to the flowers!  Please contact us with your questions and more information.


Jessica and Collin’s Flowers

Goebel Hill Farm

Jessica and Collin and several of their family members came to Goebel Hill Farm two days before their October 1st wedding and picked their wedding flowers.  This is Jessica – front and center.  Collin’s back on the far left picking away!

Goebel Hill Farm

The bride and groom were wonderful to work with.  Jessica is an extremely organized person, yet she was a flexible bride. She has a wonderful eye for color and knew exactly what she wanted.  Because of this, her wedding flower bouquets and arrangements were stunning.

Lexie Winters Photography


Lexie Winters Photography

Some of the flowers she choose included dahlias Cafe Au Lait, Crichton Honey, Castle Drive and Gitt’s Attention in addition to fragrant, fresh herbs, sage and mint, all grown and picked fresh at Goebel Hill Farm.

Lexie Winters Photography

The bride and groom and her bridal bouquet at their October 1st wedding. Such a beautiful couple.

Lexie Winters Photography

Jessica, her bridesmaids and their beautiful bouquets.  What an inspiration!  We loved having a small part in this joyful wedding!

Please consider our peaceful 10 acre farm for your own wedding and/or DIY fresh flowers this coming summer. For more Goebel Hill Farm inspiration follow this link:   Liz and Kevin’s Wedding @ Goebel Hill Farm