Here at Goebel Hill Farm we grow dahlias, peonies and roseships for florists, brides and our Etsy shop. Follow us for the latest availablity.

Beautiful Flowers Available at Goebel Hill Farm for your Memorial Day Weekend Plans

Thank you for all of your continued support!  We are in the middle of our ranunculus season here at our farm in Granite Falls and continue to have them available this week.  These gorgeous flowers are beloved for their brilliantly colored double-ruffled petals, tall stems, and long vase life. Our ranunculus stems are between 14″

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Seasonal DIY Flowers from Goebel Hill Farm

We have about 300 dahlias growing at Goebel Hill Farm.  Flowers will be blooming and available in quantity beginning in August and lasting through frost.  Dahlia blooms are bold and beautiful; seven to ten dahlia stems alone can easily fill up an average size vase or quart Mason jar. All you need is a little plan. Email us to reserve your dahlias: