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Goebel Hill Farm Flower Season 2019

Carmen Fiesta

Carmen Fiesta at Goebel Hill Farm

We are stocking the farm stand on Goebel Hill Road most weekends this spring with seasonal flowers as soon as they are available in our field.  Follow us on Facebook for updates.  We are gearing up for loads of Sweet Peas in July and Dahlias starting in August and lasting until frost.  If you would like to reserve flowers for your special event please contact us soon!   Click here for information on rose hip wreaths and Christmas wreath making here at the farm this fall.

Which Came First Turkey Vultures or Dracula?

Good Eeeeeveningbeginning in late spring we see a lot of Turkey Vultures here at Goebel Hill Farm. These huge birds with creepy red faces hang out in this valley all summer long.  They scavenge for carrion, road kill and they eat cow pies and rotten pumpkins, too.  Perfect!  Apparently, having that red skin on their faces, rather than feathers, keeps the mess in check!  We enjoy watching the vultures ride the thermals over the farm and in the valley below us.  One summer morning we counted seventeen birds all soaring in the sky at once!

Turkey Vultures at Goebel Hill Farm

Turkey Vultures at Goebel Hill Farm

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