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Liz and Kevin’s Wedding @GoebelHillFarm

“Thank you so very much for giving us the perfect wedding. We are beyond grateful and just could not possibly have enjoyed ourselves more. Goebel Hill Farm truly is quite a magical place.  Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for sharing it with us.”
                                          With great appreciation and all our best,           

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Liz and Kevin

Liz & Kevin

The couple’s niece designed a sign to guide the guests

I do!

Reception Ready

Fresh picked Fleurel dahilas under the side shed.

Good Times!

Kevin, Conrad & Liz

Peace and Love


Put a Little Love in Your Life

A man and his weed eater!

A man and his weed eater!

When we first bought the property that expanded Goebel Hill Farm’s footprint, much of it was buried in a sea of blackberry vines.    After several months of poking around, we uncovered a single-wide mobile home, two boats, thirteen refrigerators, twenty six cars, two low boy semi-truck trailers, 300+ tires…you get the idea.  The things we’ve found….astound!  Since then we have recycled over 22 tons of steel.  We still have this little pile left…. there has got to be another 22 tons there, don’t you think?

That spring is about 2 feet long.

That spring is about 2 feet long.

Since this is the bottom of the pile, the items here are OLD.  I mean really, really old, which is why we have not been in a rush to haul it out…in addition to the fact that you can’t just pick this stuff up and toss it into the recycle bin. It’s HEAVY.  Moving anything requires 1) the husband on the tractor, 2) lugging around a heavy chain, and 3) lots of careful maneuvering so you don’t get your fingers pinched or slip and impale yourself on some object sticking up in the air.

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